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  • 06/04/2015 4:10 PM | Anonymous
    With the help of BBA and Long Trail students the Dorset trails are off to a good start this year. We are about one trail work  session away from officially opening the "Bunker" loop which will cap off our work on the Dorset Trails  for the year and bring the total mileage of the Dorset Trails to 3.2. Following the opening of the Bunker loop we will be headed over to the Dorset Hollow to begin laying out trail on US Forest Service land located off of Grouse Lane in the Hollow. 

    The Grouse Lane USFS property is ideal because it has a parking area and about one mile of preexisting trail that can easily be incorporated into the new trail system. The property is located on a hillside that slopes up to the east between Dorset Mountain and Netop Mountain. The forest floor is generally open with a great mix of hard woods and some conifers. There is plenty of room to work in long flowy sections of trail without too many switchbacks. This will be a multi year project and we hope to secure some grants and involve the Youth Conservation Corps into our efforts. This trail will also provide trail access to the hiking trail that leads up to the top of Dorset Mountain. 

  • 04/12/2015 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    The GMNF staff is now getting ready to begin implementing the Dorset Peru trail projects.  We have the Green Mountain Club Trail crew scheduled to work on the East Dorset trail for 4 weeks this summer, we will be working on restoration to eroded areas on Dorset Mountain and will begin the trail planning for the trail up Dorset Mountain off of Grouse Lane.

    You are invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday April 22, 2015 at 5 PM at the Dorset Town Offices to explore how the community wants to be involved in the project and to explore possible partnerships for trail implementation and maintenance.

    If you know of folks who are interested please let them know about the meeting. Hope to see you there.

  • 01/25/2015 9:02 PM | Anonymous

    MMBC world headquarters has just released the latest, and possibly only, version of the Dorset Trail Map. check it out here - Mountain

  • 01/22/2015 1:45 PM | Anonymous

    The annual Manchester and the Mountains Bike Club members meeting is just around the corner.

    • DATE: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
    • PLACE: The Perfect Wife Restaurant • 2594 Depot Street • Manchester Center, VT
    • TIME: 6PM
  • 01/12/2015 10:02 PM | Anonymous
    Mountain Bike Wrap up

    2014 was a busy year on the Dorset trails with the total mile count now at 3.2. This spring, summer and fall we focused on the new "Bunker" loop which is a lollypop loop at the end of our existing "Humphreys" trail. The Bunker loop is a bit of an animal. It has great flow but you will need to hunker down a bit on the hills. If ridden counter clockwise the downhill sections are a blast with banked turns and terrain that keeps you guessing. unfortunately, we ran out of digging weather and were not able to complete the loop. This will be next springs first task. 

    Following the completion of the Bunker loop in the spring we hope to connect the bunker loop with Humphreys trail down by the lookout and orchard. In the mean time the tools are off the hill for the season and will shortly get the business end of a grinder. 


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