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Mountain Bike Wrap Up

01/12/2015 10:02 PM | Anonymous
Mountain Bike Wrap up

2014 was a busy year on the Dorset trails with the total mile count now at 3.2. This spring, summer and fall we focused on the new "Bunker" loop which is a lollypop loop at the end of our existing "Humphreys" trail. The Bunker loop is a bit of an animal. It has great flow but you will need to hunker down a bit on the hills. If ridden counter clockwise the downhill sections are a blast with banked turns and terrain that keeps you guessing. unfortunately, we ran out of digging weather and were not able to complete the loop. This will be next springs first task. 

Following the completion of the Bunker loop in the spring we hope to connect the bunker loop with Humphreys trail down by the lookout and orchard. In the mean time the tools are off the hill for the season and will shortly get the business end of a grinder. 

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